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Sakura Garden Construction dug camel cable ignited gas blown bad residents of the home toilet

Long Huwang hearing yesterday morning, Xuanwu District, and Park Chung Ying Garden camel near the underground pipe 12 gas deflagration accident, detonation shock wave and a lot of smoke down the sewer "invasion" of multi-dwelling, resulting in a toilet was damaged home residents , while a resident was injured. Staff of various departments rushed to the scene investigation, found underground pipeline project area due to bad dug underground cable, the cable leakage caused sparks, igniting a nearby sewer gas inside, and then lead to deflagration.
Baoxiang smoke burst into the homes of local residents soon
Around 5 am yesterday, cherry camel Garden District and the Park Chung majority of the residents are still asleep, a sudden "Boom" muffled bang came from the area before the 12 buildings. Who lives in the 6th Floor of the Schilling woke up immediately after getting up and ready to go to view the situation. Was barely dawn, Lin pressed the light switch, lights do not light.
"Sound of the explosion is very dull, the feeling is in the ground, and the building shook." Schilling said she dressed and ready to facilitate the bathroom look, and then down the stairs. "Just go the bathroom door, an unpleasant smell from the plastic smell, black smoke coming out from the toilet and sewer." Lin recalls, black smoke quickly filled the toilet, when she was silent for a few seconds scared minutes to react, suspected to be on fire inside the water pipe, and she hastened to the water drainage box fire. Did not expect to flush down sewer has heard "snoring crash" sound, go underwater, but continue to smoke coming out.
Lin immediately went downstairs, "I went down and found a lot of neighbors downstairs, and everyone says that the bathroom toilet and sewer Zhiwang Wai smoke." Schilling said, so they came to front of the building, we found that front 3 manhole cover was opened for two, and smoke was coming out constantly. After ten minutes, gradually reduce the smoke, we leaned and saw that Yinjing be Xunde dark inside, this is the sewer to determine the deflagration occurred. It was immediately reported to the police and community to some of the things  power supply repair departments.
One person injured in the toilet was damaged
Lao Yang lives in 12 four-unit on the first floor of his house in the deflagration accident become "disastrous." According to Lao Yang's wife introduced, around 5 am, she just left the bathroom easy to complete, came out to the "thunder" of the muffled sound. "Sound is not over, toilet to follow to the 'bang' of a sound." Old Yang said that when he asked his wife is not home, thermos burst. See bathroom was smoke billowing, and sounded "that noise" and the sound of, he would come to understand is the bathroom in an accident.
Stopped by home electricity, bathroom and full of smoke, old Yang holding a flashlight into view, and found toilet blown out, water tanks also bombed bad. Smoke kept coming out from the toilet drain, the water is also kept out of Bay. "I quickly recruited a group of cloth to the plugging of water in places, but can not stand smoke too much Xunde eyes, blocking a long time did not block, right thumb was also scratched." After a few minutes, the smoke dispersed, old Yang This is why the leaks to plug.
After receiving the alarm, Itakura of the police station rushed to the site, some research has determined that the combustible gases within the sewer pipe deflagration. Due to gas pipeline passing near a drain, police fear is a gas leak, immediately notified the gas company.
Reasons: dug a bad cable pipeline construction
A few minutes later, gas company repair personnel to the scene, through the exploration drilling site, there is no gas leak found the pipe sign. After the pressure test and air through the pipes in the combustible gas detection, combustible gas content found in the air is very thin, does not cause dangerous gas leak suspected excluded.
Electricity sector repair personnel rushed to the scene, dug near the ground, found a 380-volt cable insulation from being dug out of order. Accordingly, the repair person that is a bad cable was dug during the leakage in the supply spark, leading to similarities with the sewer pipe cable methane combustion. A large number of sewer gas in a narrow burst into flames, releasing large amounts of energy lead to deflagration.
"The cable line is buried before the developers, not long ago here, the underground water and sewage pipes rebuilt, the workers dug bad booster cable, a long time, leakage causes deflagration accident." Said a repair person, they will claim the relevant construction unit .







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