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Groups using probes and excavators "massive" Daoge cable

Fuzhou News Network by an anonymous telephone the police station the day before yesterday morning Taijiang rather be collusion uncovered cable theft gangs, arrested 11 people. The smallest of the group 18 years old, maximum 60-year-old fast, they Daoge cable 300 meters, worth over 80,000 yuan.
Police briefing, Sept. 8, police received a warning pharmaceutical company, cable company was Daoge more than 300 meters. Police immediately launched investigations and found that pharmaceutical companies had previously received an anonymous call, the phone cable theft was disclosed by the company together by an electrician and as outsiders. Police through the clues, the investigation more than a month of digging, the day before yesterday morning at a construction site and arrested 11 suspects.
Upon review, the pharmaceutical company's electrician Zhang (not his real name) told of a project team of two electrical Chen and Zhou, said pharmaceutical companies should be relocated, there are a lot of underground cables can be dug out to sell. Zhang said other booster cable sold for money, he and two smoke as long as 500 yuan, Chen and Zhou agreed.
Subsequently, Zhou and Chen began digging cable. In order to successfully Daoge cable, they spend a metal detector, even the use of project teams of excavators, invited a few workers, described as "massive." Finally, those who Daoge the cable is sold at more than 10,000 yuan.







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